Tumblr Police


Attention Gay Men of Tumblr
You do not need to tag your pictures as #gay #boy #cute #sexy #gayboy #gayguy #guys #sexyboy #hot #shirtless. Believe it or not, we can tell that you are a gay boy not wearing a shirt without the tags. It comes across as #desperate #lookingforvalidation #someonepleaselikeme #follow4follow #i’mfourteenandanidiot.

I’m not here for this.

bitches, stop changing your tumblr urls all the time. think of them as your brand. you have to stick with them to make them grow. you don’t see pepsi changing it’s name every two weeks now do you?
The beauty of tumblr…


If you don’t like what you see unfollow. It’s that simple. Hate mail isn’t even required. Also if you have to do hate mail anonymously…you srsly have some issues with yourself. Be accountable. 



The word “effortless” should never be used to describe a photo from a styleblog. Never. 

People are still talking about James Franco’s stoner Oscar-hosting?


Weren’t the Oscars, like, a hundred years ago?


There are much bigger problems in this world than you being alone on Valentine’s Day. Get over it.



please limit your britney/gaga posts to a minimum because really, it’s been going on too long. and in a few weeks, no one will care. and it’s really just the same post. over and over. 

i know i can hit the unfollow button, and i would have if i wanted to. and really i have nothing to compromise, so this post is moot but lets just switch it up a bit and post more than just britney and gaga’s new singles. 

Beofore you type the letters “LOL” ask yourself the following:


  • Am I actually “laughing out loud”?
  • Does it makes any sense at all to insert “LOL” before or after whatever random thing I’m posting on twiter, tumblr, or (the bag of dumbassery that is) facebook?
  • Am I doing this right? Is this proper usage of this fake word?
  • Am I over age 19?
  • Have I used this sily expression over 3 times today?

And then STOP. Don’t do it. Do not “LOL”.  Back away frm the key board, put down your cell phone and just stop.

LOL. Sorry, I mean… Ha! Or something…

The Secrets Of Successful Blogging, Vol. 1:


  1. Observe everything
  2. Find the funny in everything
  3. Don’t try to please everyone
  4. Don’t force it
  5. Do it often
  6. Don’t look to get paid for it
  7. For God’s sake, have a sense of humor
  8. Don’t allow anonymous comments
  9. Don’t be a dick
  10. Repeat #1-9 until you’re blogfamous
Yes, I get it. The Trenta is really big.


I really don’t understand the fascination with this.  Yes, the cup itself holds more liquid than your stomach.  BUT IT’S FOR ICED DRINKS ONLY.  Aka ice takes up the majority of the cup.  Can we move along now?

I’m letting you guys know right now. There will be no Valentine’s day posts on the 14th. We will not throw in other people’s faces that we have plans with our boyfriend. We will not put up Forever Alone memes. There will be no power ballads, gifs, or indications that we’re single. We will pretend it’s just another Monday.
probably my least favorite thing is when people “weep for our generation” when they see dumb shit on the internet


it’s like, you know there have been stupid people always, right?


★ discovered on imgfave.com (social image bookmarking)


discovered on imgfave.com (social image bookmarking)

Hey Tumblr: Shut down new accounts ASAP



And for Tumblr bloggers: Realize that sometimes your followers aren’t real. Don’t make a post next week whining about losing followers. Seriously.